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Targeted Killing: Drones

January 19, 2013
In Deep with Angie Coiro
Hour 1

This hour, Angie takes on Drones. Georgetown professor Christopher Swift discusses the benefits, eficacy, legitimacy and legality of drones and his experience with drones and civilian opinion in Yemen. Next, Mother Jones reporter Adam Serwer stops in to talk mistargeting, Obama's unwillingness to discuss drones and how our use of this technology affects our global image. And Jennifer Lynch, staff attorney at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, explains the EFF's lawsuit against the FAA over drones and explains how domestic drones could invade privacy.

Plus, Angie's demented sidekick Buttercup drops in to sympathize with a teen who illegally bought a gun and accidentally shot himself, question Eric Pratt's explanation for Reagan's support of an assault weapon ban  and share Rick Perry's miracle solution to gun violence.

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