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Our Intransigent Gun Problem

January 5, 2013
In Deep with Angie Coiro
Hour 1

This hour, Angie engages a panel in discussion of current gun control issues. First, journalist Farai Chideya talks morality from a business and consumer standpoint in relation to Walmart's sale of assault weapons. Journalist Alexander Zaitchik explains the NRA's push to change regulation of gun silencers and the dangers of doing so. And San Francisco Chronicle film critic, Mick LaSalle discusses his latest article and the effect he believes violence in film and video games has on real-life.

Plus, Angie's demented sidekick Buttercup tries to make sense of comparisons between newly re-elected speaker John Boehner and Frank Sinatra, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's new fans from the left and Amazon's airport security checkpoint play set.

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