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Obama's 2nd Term

January 26, 2013
In Deep with Angie Coiro
Hour 1

How will Obama's second term differ from his first? What did he promise in his inaugural speech and what's the likelihood he'll stand by those words? What will it take to make him do so? This hour, Angie is joined by civil rights attorney Guy Saperstein, journalist Sarah Jaffe and writer Gaius Publius in a panel discussion of Obama's speech, his mentions of climate change and the LGBT community, and what they think he'll do about each.

And our demented sidekick Buttercup drops in to explain a proposed bill in New Mexico that would criminalize abortions after rape as "tampering with evidence", the latest act of hypocrisy from the Catholic church and how a Hello Kitty bubble blower got a 5-year-old girl suspended for terrorism.

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