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Anticipating the Vote: Three Last Considerations

November 3, 2012
In Deep with Angie Coiro
Hour 1

Jodi JacobsonMichelle MyersAdele StanNeil Malhotra

What issues will shape the election? AlterNet's Washington correspondent Adele Stan tells Angie about Menards' "Civics 101" course and other instances of workplace intimidation of voters. Jodi Jacobson of RH Reality Check gives her take on John Koster, the role women's rights will play in the election and how the economy and social issues aren't as uninvolved as you might think. And Angie is joined by Michelle Myers of the San Francisco chapter of the Sierra Club and Stanford associate professor Neil Malhotra for a panel discussion on whether Hurricane Sandy will sway Climate Change deniers and influence voters.

As always, Angie's demented sidekick Buttercup (GottaLaff) offers her views on Mitt Romney's disaster-relief effort-turned-campaign-stop and John Koster's "rape thing."

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