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It has been some months since the last real activity on the LFTLC site, and the correct explanation is that the team took a break to manage our respective personal affairs. I think we all thought we could continue our web activities as we stepped up our work in other areas, but that proved unrealistic, life being what it is-- you know how it goes. Now we are back. It will take a little time to get up to speed, but we will soon be producing podcasts and blogs, posting them here for you. Our intention is to be back on the air with the full show within four months. When we resume broadcasting, we will be using the Galaxy satellite network to distribute the show. That means any station in North America that wants the show can get it-- free. So if you have a Progressive talk outlet in your area, tell them you want the new Live From The Left Coast! Or tell us, and we'll pitch them on carrying the show. Radio is a harsh business these days, but it will work out for us if we can put together even a modest list of stations. Your help on the matter is most welcome. Thanks you for your love and support. -Gordon


Thanks, Gordon, nice post. I

Thanks, Gordon, nice post.
I hope it gets easier and you are back on track,
i enjoy your radio!

hey !!

so........hi ! it's been awhile, yes??? my life, as well as other's, got pretty interesting in 2011. all over the map......good, hard, changes of environments, loss and gains of friends, better connection with my sister, money? what money?, remembering to be grounded and present................anyway, happy new year and hope to connect with y'all in the future. !hasta luego! melody

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