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In Deep guest Mark McCaffrey quoted in NY Times piece on Climate Change leak

Leaked docs from The Heartland Institute demonstrate a straight-out campaign to undermine the teaching of climate science in the public schools. At the end of the (fascinating) article, Mark McCaffrey, programs and policy director for the National Center for Science Education, said the Heartland documents revealed that “they continue to promote confusion, doubt and debate where there really is none.” Read the full story.

In Deep with Angie Coiro joins KRXA 540AM in Monterey

We are pleased to announce that we have joined the line-up at KRXA 540AM in Monterey, and will be on the air and streaming each Friday from 8:00 to 10:00PM-- starting 2/10/12. Thank you Hal Ginsberg and the rest of the KRXA team.

Welcome Matt Fidler, LFTLC's new talent in the producer/engineer chair

Live From The Left Coast and In Deep with Angie Coiro are pleased to announce the addition of Matt Fidler to the production team. Matt is a skilled radio hand who has come to us through his long association with UnderCurrents, host Gregg McVicar's excellent eclectic, nationally-carried world music show. Matt's responsibilities with LFTLC will cover topic and guest development, technical and studio management, and, of course, engineering the broadcast. Welcome aboard, Matt!

In Deep: LFTLC launches new interview show on Washington's We Act Radio

Live From The Left Coast Productions is back on the air with a new show: In Deep With Angie Coiro. The program debuted today on Washington DC's We Act Radio, WPWC 1480 AM.

We would like to thank Cliff Schecter and Peter James Callahan for inviting us to join the maiden voyage of this new Progressive talk radio station in our nation's capital. In Deep With Angie Coiro will air every Saturday from 10:00AM to noon Eastern time, and will stream live to the Internet via The show will repeat at 6PM Saturday and 9PM Sunday every weekend so you will have every opportunity to catch Angie's great interviews with newsmakers and authorities on the widest array of political and cultural topics. Every show's podcast will be archived here, so if you miss the broadcast you can find it all here at

We're glad to be back with you! Please drop us line to tell us what you're up to and what you'd like to see covered on the show.

Gordon Whiting
Executive Producer


ON THE AIR: 1480AM WPWC We Act Radio in Washington DC picks up LFTLC

Live From the Left Coast will be back on the air starting January 14, 2012, on Washington DC-based We Act Radio, 1480AM.

It Can't Happen Here

Blogger Christy Rogers goes deep on the parallels and ironies bursting out of Sinclair Lewis's 1936 classic, as performed last week by the SF Mime Troupe. A very thoughtful, frightening piece. An excerpt from Dissident Voice:

Last week, while Occupy movement encampments across the US stared down eviction or were smashed up by police attacks, a number of theater companies around the US held readings of Sinclair Lewis’ 1936 adaptation for the stage of his bestselling novel It Can’t Happen Here. The play, which was commissioned by the Roosevelt administration’s Federal Theater Project, a part of its massive Depression era public works program, is the story of the rise to power of a good ol’ boy country lawyer who wins the presidency through a combination of charm, demagoguery and threats, and then cements his power with terror and violence, ultimately creating a police state....It gave me pause the next day to realize that as a small group of us sat in the Mime Troupe’s darkened rehearsal space in the Mission District, across the bay in Oakland, police from eighteen different local law enforcement agencies (yes, you may well ask why there are that many to begin with, much less why they were all were involved) must have been mapping out a pre-dawn assault on the Occupy Oakland camp that would end up being one of the most violent in the nation so far. Hearing the Mime Troupe read Lewis’ play gave me lots of food for thought, but most of it was in the form of questions on just exactly what kind of relevance we’re talking about—or not—right now.

Read the complete article here.

Yes yes we know

It has been some months since the last real activity on the LFTLC site, and the correct explanation is that the team took a break to manage our respective personal affairs. I think we all thought we could continue our web activities as we stepped up our work in other areas, but that proved unrealistic, life being what it is-- you know how it goes. Now we are back. It will take a little time to get up to speed, but we will soon be producing podcasts and blogs, posting them here for you. Our intention is to be back on the air with the full show within four months. When we resume broadcasting, we will be using the Galaxy satellite network to distribute the show. That means any station in North America that wants the show can get it-- free. So if you have a Progressive talk outlet in your area, tell them you want the new Live From The Left Coast! Or tell us, and we'll pitch them on carrying the show.

Visa, MasterCard blocking of WikiLeaks is a stunt

Much fanfare was made by payment house MasterCard about closing the WikiLeaks account last week, blocking their access to inbound funds. Not to be outdone, Visa followed suit, announcing

Assange sex charges

Aside from the rather obvious possibility that he is being framed by a conspiracy of governments, fronted by Sweden, the sex assault charges against Julian Assange fall right into that confusing area of sexual guilt/innocence that Angie and I have discussed many times. As a basis of international controversy, the allegations are fairly nuanced. Something like: subject has consensual sex with first woman, who at some point decides she does not want to continue, apparently making it nonconsensual from that moment on. Then, in a different episode, subject has consensual sex with second woman, but later in bed he starts again but she says no, making it nonconsensual. There are more details, but different reports give conflicting details.