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I Support Traditional Marriage

President Obama FINALLY spoke up for something that everyone across the political spectrum can embrace: Marriage. Traditional marriage. I am vindicated.

I'm so emotional since Obama came out for same sex marriage. It means he values traditional marriage and doesn't want us cheapening the institution with some poorly constructed apartheid facsimile aka "civil unions." What in red flying hell IS that anyway? I always thought it referred to Robert E. Lee surrendering to Ulysses S. Grant.

Repeal The Enlightenment!

I've been somewhat flummoxed by the issues being pushed by Republicans lately. Not just a particular issue, but the whole combination. My problem has been that they don't hang together. I couldn't find any coherence between outlawing contraception, besmirching a college education, horking over the separation of church and state....

...and then I got it! I see how these issues hang together and now I see what they're trying to do. It's not just health reform they want to repeal. This group of Republicans wants to repeal the Enlightenment! Think what a great bumper sticker that will be!

America, love it or leave it, is a direct product of the Enlightenment.  We don't need no STEEENKIN' king!  

Now, I may be an elite snob liberal but at least I'm no traitor.

For those of you hadn't been born yet (myself, I was in junior high), here's the skinny on the Enlightenment. Or the part I'm mostly talking about.

Revenge Of The Zombie Candidates!!!

Republicans are wondering aloud about this really wacky primary. They wonder why the Obama-Clinton competition in 2008 had a strengthening effect while this current competition weakens their candidate and chances to take back the White House.

I am here as a public servant to explain it.  

See, Mitt Romney's competitors aren't really in the race.  They're zombie candidates. Their hopes for the nomination are dead, but still they roam blathering away.