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Perhaps An Even Deeper Disgrace for Wells Fargo

Not waiting for this weekend's show to get this out to the public, because this word needs to get out NOW.

Today I talked to Oriane Rousseau. You might recognize her name, or at least her story. Oriane lost her husband Norman to suicide this month, when he could no longer take the stress of trying to deal with Wells Fargo over a lost payment. He was two days away from being thrown out of his home.

Oriane tells the story in her own words here - right to Wells Fargo's face. There's more after the jump.

We recorded our conversation today to air on our weekend show, on KRXA and WeActRadio.

When I first tweeted what had happened to this family, right after Norman killed himself - Wells Fargo tweeted me back, saying the eviction had been postponed. Very soon they were making the same assurances all over the media.

Oriane told me today there's NOTHING of the sort going on. They haven't contacted her. They haven't contacted her lawyer. NOTHING.

This can't be predicated on the fact that she's suing the bank. This suit's been underway since 2011 - long before the suicide. So that's not why they haven't been in touch.

So, WHY, Wells Fargo? Why?

Everything that's happened up to now could conceivably been written off to ineptitude or human error or internal system flaws. But this - this is just callous and inhuman. This is PR spin over the body of a dead man. This is revealing way too much of everything that's wrong with a corporate-run country


Wells Fargo is coping with

Wells Fargo is coping with consequences of wrongdoing related to the housing market collapse of many years ago, most recently with a mortgage scam suit stemmed from the government. The Wells Fargo mortgage fraud suit alleges the bank of malfeasance in handling FHA loans for 10 years. Read more here: Wells Fargo mortgage fraud suit brought by U.S. Attorneys.

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