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This one's easy - but up to you.

Most progressives agree (to at least some extent) that President Obama is overly conciliatory to the Right; pulls his punches before they even feint; and needs to toughen up to get anything done in the next two years.

There's no particular evidence that he has the slightest clue how emphatically (nay, desperately) we wish he'd get his shit together and wield the power of the office we gave him. Some hope gleams in Elizabeth Warren's arrival and Larry Summers' departure. I still think that, within his circle, the demands from the center are presented as fringe whinging from the Left.

Over on my longtime hang-out The Well, the idea has emerged to send Balls to Obama.

Brass Balls


If he's not going to use the set god gave him, let's provide some. In quantity. From every one of the States. Hell, from every corner of the world!

All kinds of balls. Brass ones, wooden ones - as the song says, long ones, tall ones, short ones, black ones, brown ones, big ones crazy ones ... anyway. You get the idea.

So the White House is deluged with balls. Think the Pres will take the hint? Is this offensive? Brilliant? Juvenile? An appropriate hint from an appropriately aggrieved electorate?

For now, let's chat this over in the Comments section. Monday (when someone less technically idiotic than me is around) we'll put up a poll. My bias? I think we should send them. Some sort of message from the outer world needs to penetrate that Oval Office.


Alpha Dog

There are battles to win with logic and civil persuasion, and battles to win by pure intimidation. It really doesn't matter which battles use what tactic-- the other side has to be served notice that when the Big Man wants something, demands it, they just might be roadkill if they get in his way. That's big league politics, like it or not. Our courtly Pres Obama has the polite and intelligent Henry Jekyll part worked out perfectly. No doubt he has an inner Mr. Hyde lusting to be unchained, to rip the limbs off the haters-- then leap to the highest rock to howl at the moon in conquest-- but he just might be a couple cc short of the testosterrific critical mass needed for the transformation. He's got a good pair of balls...for playing bridge. I'm sending him this extra pair of deep -forged cast iron to fortify, enlarge and Man-ify the bossman so he is properly equipped for the territory.

Gordon J. Whiting Executive Producer LIVE FROM THE LEFT COAST with Angie Coiro

I'm all for sending them too,

I'm all for sending them too, but to be effective, we need a LOT of people to send them.

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