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Whither Activist - Progressive - Liberal Radio?

In this weekend's show, we planned to spend an hour talking about Low Power FM (LPFM). And we still plan to - these small, independent community voices play a growing role in educating and inspiring their hyper-local listeners. But along the way, we've discovered this particular topic is particularly ripe for listener input - on the very future of liberal radio communication itself. Your role, expounded on, just over the jump.

Perhaps An Even Deeper Disgrace for Wells Fargo

Not waiting for this weekend's show to get this out to the public, because this word needs to get out NOW.

Today I talked to Oriane Rousseau. You might recognize her name, or at least her story. Oriane lost her husband Norman to suicide this month, when he could no longer take the stress of trying to deal with Wells Fargo over a lost payment. He was two days away from being thrown out of his home.

Oriane tells the story in her own words here - right to Wells Fargo's face. There's more after the jump.

This is so damned wrong.

FINAL UPDATE: Even in these tough economic times, you came through to help out a guy having a tough time. Our latest tally breaks the $200 mark. Tonight at 6pm we'll close the account and send him the money, along with best wishes from you and from everyone at Talk Back Studios.

And more good news: Spirit Airlines has seen the light and decided to refund the original ticket amount along with "prayers and best wishes". (Quite a turnaround from their CEO's earlier "It's his own damned fault" stance.)

Thanks, thanks so much, for finding a little extra cash to make someone's life better. You are wonderful.


SGK: "You Showed Your Ass. Now You Can Kiss Mine."

I'm agape as I sit here. I've just watched one of the bravest, frankest, most amazing women I've ever encountered. Take four minutes and see what she's got to say.

The Susan G. Komen foundation wanted very badly to pick and choose whom to listen to and heed. I dare them to ignore Linda:

"Do you see politics on my chest? Do you see Republican, Democrat, Tea Party or Independent anywhere on my chest? I don't! Do you see religion on my chest? Do you see Christian? Do you see Catholic? Do you see Jewish? Do you see Hindu? Do you see Muslim, or any other of the many hundreds of religions out there? Do you see any beliefs on my chest? No. Do you see moral values on my chest or what you believe to be our moral values? No - that's not cancer at all! It's not on my chest, and that's not IT."

Linda. Linda!! THANK YOU.

Please share this widely.

New Rules for Radicals in a Post-Occupy World

An excellent read from Sara Robinson on Alternet.

Among its other virtues, her post honestly captures our laudable strengths while gently calling out our weaknesses ("Celebrate every win, no matter how small. Every one matters: We may be the world’s worst winners. We can get 75 percent of what we want, and spend the next three days whining about the 25 percent we didn’t get.") C'mon, you know you do that.

I won't delay you any longer - get on over there, give it a good read, then pass it on to your compatriots.

Welcome Home to IN DEEP/LFTLC!

I am beyond thrilled to be back on the air, and to see our wonderful, loyal supporters checking in here and in our email inboxes.

Thanks for keeping in touch over the past year, and for your ongoing interest in our mission.

IN DEEP is a rewarding addition to the LFTLC brand. Let me lift the curtain on the backstage area to reveal that it's our beloved Laffy - GottaLaff - that put us and the founders of WeAct Radio together, and urged us back on the air. IN DEEP would be non-existent without her. Please keep the feedback coming, whether you're championing a cause, chiding us, suggesting a topic, tossing us kudos - it's all welcome.

Meanwhile, the whole gang here is working hard to bring you productive, intelligent, progressive radio. Welcome home, and thank you.

Licensing Journalists? Hmmm.

Who's a journalist? What's journalism? And can journalism be treasonous? Dan Gillmor ponders the fallout from Wikileaks. A worthy read - thanks, Dan.

The "Tax Compromise" and Social Security

It was only when the first cries over President Obama's compromise with the Republicans began to settle that calmer analysis over its impacts kicked in.

Thomas Schegel, one of my Well colleagues, grasped immediately the potentially grim scenario ahead. It's not so much a matter of numbers and percentages. It's about handing the Republicans yet another tool to hype their alarm cries over the Social Security "crisis". And ironically, it could make that crisis a reality.

Tom's given me permission to excerpt his thoughts on the issue. Added emphasis is mine.

This one's easy - but up to you.

Most progressives agree (to at least some extent) that President Obama is overly conciliatory to the Right; pulls his punches before they even feint; and needs to toughen up to get anything done in the next two years.

There's no particular evidence that he has the slightest clue how emphatically (nay, desperately) we wish he'd get his shit together and wield the power of the office we gave him. Some hope gleams in Elizabeth Warren's arrival and Larry Summers' departure. I still think that, within his circle, the demands from the center are presented as fringe whinging from the Left.

Over on my longtime hang-out The Well, the idea has emerged to send Balls to Obama.

Brass Balls


I Wish the Notre Dame Suicide were Surprising **Update appended - scroll to the end**

But it's not.

I took a news hiatus during the long holiday weekend. So it was the Jezebel post on the tragic death of Lizzy Seeberg that told me nothing's changed in my home town.

The story in short: a young girl reported an assault by a Notre Dame football player. Her charges seemed to lead nowhere; despite her following to the letter every single step advised in the wake of a sexual assault, authorities inside and outside the school apparently let her down. She took her own life. In the wake of her death, the university clammed up; the football player plays on; the coach cracked wise.

Oh, how to boil down for you how - well, how normal this is for life in South Bend. How football rules all. How Notre Dame has called the shots there forever, and always will; how the Lizzy Seebergs of this world publicly or silently fall away in the name of money, of privilege, of patriarchy and theocracy. And how I wish I believed that this will change. It will not.

Let me share with you my own tangle with the Great God Football in South Bend.