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Whither Activist - Progressive - Liberal Radio?

In this weekend's show, we planned to spend an hour talking about Low Power FM (LPFM). And we still plan to - these small, independent community voices play a growing role in educating and inspiring their hyper-local listeners. But along the way, we've discovered this particular topic is particularly ripe for listener input - on the very future of liberal radio communication itself. Your role, expounded on, just over the jump.

Perhaps An Even Deeper Disgrace for Wells Fargo

Not waiting for this weekend's show to get this out to the public, because this word needs to get out NOW.

Today I talked to Oriane Rousseau. You might recognize her name, or at least her story. Oriane lost her husband Norman to suicide this month, when he could no longer take the stress of trying to deal with Wells Fargo over a lost payment. He was two days away from being thrown out of his home.

Oriane tells the story in her own words here - right to Wells Fargo's face. There's more after the jump.

I Support Traditional Marriage

President Obama FINALLY spoke up for something that everyone across the political spectrum can embrace: Marriage. Traditional marriage. I am vindicated.

I'm so emotional since Obama came out for same sex marriage. It means he values traditional marriage and doesn't want us cheapening the institution with some poorly constructed apartheid facsimile aka "civil unions." What in red flying hell IS that anyway? I always thought it referred to Robert E. Lee surrendering to Ulysses S. Grant.

This is so damned wrong.

FINAL UPDATE: Even in these tough economic times, you came through to help out a guy having a tough time. Our latest tally breaks the $200 mark. Tonight at 6pm we'll close the account and send him the money, along with best wishes from you and from everyone at Talk Back Studios.

And more good news: Spirit Airlines has seen the light and decided to refund the original ticket amount along with "prayers and best wishes". (Quite a turnaround from their CEO's earlier "It's his own damned fault" stance.)

Thanks, thanks so much, for finding a little extra cash to make someone's life better. You are wonderful.


Repeal The Enlightenment!

I've been somewhat flummoxed by the issues being pushed by Republicans lately. Not just a particular issue, but the whole combination. My problem has been that they don't hang together. I couldn't find any coherence between outlawing contraception, besmirching a college education, horking over the separation of church and state....

...and then I got it! I see how these issues hang together and now I see what they're trying to do. It's not just health reform they want to repeal. This group of Republicans wants to repeal the Enlightenment! Think what a great bumper sticker that will be!

America, love it or leave it, is a direct product of the Enlightenment.  We don't need no STEEENKIN' king!  

Now, I may be an elite snob liberal but at least I'm no traitor.

For those of you hadn't been born yet (myself, I was in junior high), here's the skinny on the Enlightenment. Or the part I'm mostly talking about.

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In Deep guest Mark McCaffrey quoted in NY Times piece on Climate Change leak

Leaked docs from The Heartland Institute demonstrate a straight-out campaign to undermine the teaching of climate science in the public schools. At the end of the (fascinating) article, Mark McCaffrey, programs and policy director for the National Center for Science Education, said the Heartland documents revealed that “they continue to promote confusion, doubt and debate where there really is none.” Read the full story.

In Deep with Angie Coiro joins KRXA 540AM in Monterey

We are pleased to announce that we have joined the line-up at KRXA 540AM in Monterey, and will be on the air and streaming each Friday from 8:00 to 10:00PM-- starting 2/10/12. Thank you Hal Ginsberg and the rest of the KRXA team.

Want To Do Something About ALEC? 6 Suggestions For Activism That Match Your Personality


What if you are so outraged at ALEC's hidden activities with corporate lobbyists that a simple call, click or letter though the usual channels isn't enough? I've got some ideas for you.

One thing I've found in my years on your planet is to recognize people's unique talents when you ask them to help you. I'm a communications guy with an understanding of media, technology and corporations so I use those skills for the causes I support. But there are lots of different activist methods for people with unique skills they can use to fight the right.  So let's match some skill sets and interests to ways you can get involved.

SGK: "You Showed Your Ass. Now You Can Kiss Mine."

I'm agape as I sit here. I've just watched one of the bravest, frankest, most amazing women I've ever encountered. Take four minutes and see what she's got to say.

The Susan G. Komen foundation wanted very badly to pick and choose whom to listen to and heed. I dare them to ignore Linda:

"Do you see politics on my chest? Do you see Republican, Democrat, Tea Party or Independent anywhere on my chest? I don't! Do you see religion on my chest? Do you see Christian? Do you see Catholic? Do you see Jewish? Do you see Hindu? Do you see Muslim, or any other of the many hundreds of religions out there? Do you see any beliefs on my chest? No. Do you see moral values on my chest or what you believe to be our moral values? No - that's not cancer at all! It's not on my chest, and that's not IT."

Linda. Linda!! THANK YOU.

Please share this widely.