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Human Trafficking: Interviews with Martha Braniff, George Koder and Beth Wheaton

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[Segment begins with an audio clip of a woman's voice]: The next morning, I went to an office where I sat down for an interview with a woman. The interview had lasted about 10 minutes when two men entered the room and dragged me away to a car. I was screaming and resisting. I was taken somewhere blindfolded, then raped many times and beaten because I was resisting. I was drugged with heroin. All my things were taken and I was forced to wear sexually provocative clothes. I was forced to do prostitution in Ljubljana for about 4 months. I was repeatedly threatened in order to obey them, especially by the life and freedom of my little sister. And, I was constantly reminded how easy it is for them to put her in my place.

Angie Coiro: That is a voice from a United Nations hearing on human trafficking and, as horrific as that story is, I’m afraid I can’t tell you that it’s rare. Human Trafficking is all around us. It ranges from a single prostitute on the corner, who answers to a pimp, all the way to large networks that stretch across international boundaries. People who are smuggled in, if they make

Monsanto and the Bees: Interviews with Tom Philpott, Paul Towers, and Gideon Forman

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Angie Coiro: Welcome to another In Deep Radio show. I’m Angie Coiro. Be grateful for every bee you see, this summer. They are in serious decline. Loss of bee colonies threatens more than half the food we eat. This hour, Monsanto, Bayer, genetically modified seeds, bees and super weeds; the realities of chemical farming, coming up on In Deep.