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In Deep with Angie Coiro is a production of MixTV. We're a progressive talk show that goes where other hosts won't and isn't afraid to challenge our own assumptions. We've previously talked to a guests from a wide variety of fields including politics, culture, and technology. We're broadcast weekends from coast to coast on We Act Radio 1480 AM in Washington DC, KRXA 540 AM in Monterey, CA, KKRN 88.5 FM in Redding, CA, KTRC in Santa Fe, NM, and everywhere via Netroots Radio.

Angie Coiro Host and Senior Producer
GottaLaff Guest political commentator
Brad Friedman & Desi Doyen Hosts, Green News Report segment
Gordon J. Whiting Executive Producer
Forrest Phillips Producer and Engineer
janne [at] mixtv [dot] us (Janne Barklis), Acquisitions Producer
Ellen Weis Publicity
David Dunning Webmaster
Dr. Cindy Myers Communications Director, Co-Producer
Big Troubles Main Theme composers
David Gans Closing Theme composer


Honor Roll of Friends and Associates from Years Past: Matt Fidler, Engineer and co-producer; Jill Fidler, studio manager; Kristen Stevens, co-producer; Susan O'Leary, producer; Robert Costa, engineer; Randy Brown, engineer; Patrick Taylor, production associate/live-blog maestro; Jenny Chesley, production assistant; Brandy Medlocke, production assistant; Landra Scherer, production assistant; Will Durst, guest host; David Gans, guest host; Brad Friedman, guest host, Gregg McVicar, guest host; Rose Aguilar, guest host; Eric Hansen, guest host; Richard Wolinsky, guest host; David Bender, guest host.

Business correspondence: c/o info [at] mixtv [dot] us (MixTV Inc).,  PO Box 2704, Berkeley CA 94702